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What do we do and who are we?

We are an investment limited partnership registered in Massachusetts, this website is intended for our existing investors or accredited investors.

How is the Information published?

We publish blog style reports on our website and the information stems from our own interest or for the benefit of our exciting clients.

Will everyone reader see the Information at the same time?

No. The information will likely be used for our existing clients first or the information may simply be an interest of our partners and not used for our personal investment purposes. This

Are our reports and the information we publish complete, accurate, truthful or reliable?

Everything we post is accurate and truthful to the best of our abilities, however, there could be mistakes. Assume that nothing we post here is reliable investment advice.

What will happen if a reader relies on the Information and invests?

We do not recommend that any reader, regardless of investing ability, use our reports to make an investment decision.

Does “Wolfs Head Capital L.P.” make any money from the posts on this website?


Who is responsible if an investor relies on the Information?

The investor. We do not recommend that anyone follow the advice illustrated in our blogs, posts, reports or anything that is published here.

What do we request potential investors to do?

If interested in working with us reach out to us through email, if you are an accredited investor, others should go to for more information about the financial markets and investment decisions. Contact a financial representative before you make any investment decisions.

What conflicts of interest do we have in publishing the Information?

We may or may NOT invest in the securities that are discussed on our website. Our reports may be incorrect or incomplete. We may make a profit from the securities discussed in our reports.

What are some of the risks that investors should be aware of?

Investing is risky, talk to a financial advisor before making any investment decisions. Our website is NOT providing investment advice. It is for entertainment and information purposes only.

Are items and risks in this disclaimer the only items investors should be aware of?

No. There are many more risks associated with investing and with our services. Nothing on our website is advice or should be considered accurate, complete or without conflict.

Updated on July 18, 2022.